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Catherine the Great, Robert Johnson, Joan of Arc, Niccolo Paganini, and the Devil argue over how to escape from their confines in Hell. It's I Made A Faustian Deal with the Devil and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt, my latest and strangest comedy yet.

Care to read? Yay! I have a PDF with your name on it.

Care to listen at a reading? Yay! Fill out the Doodle poll with dates you're available in the next three weeks, and I'll see if there's interest in one or two read-throughs.

Care to read aloud at a reading? YAY!! Let me know and I'll prioritize your dates for a read-through.

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I finished two plays last year, and in August I started the process of querying theatres/submitting to contests. It was discouraging until I ran across a (members-only) website clearinghouse of opportunities for aspiring playwrights. Most of half a year later, I'm finally finished the extremely unsexy work of trying to make things happen with my writing.

Final tally: 25 theatres queried and 9 contests entered. (For the two previous scripts I wrote, which were musicals, I found only 12 theatres I could query - of which only 5 even responded - and 5 contests to enter.) I feel like I've got much better chances this time (especially given that two of the first three responses have been positive), that I indeed have a hope in hell of getting my work on the right desk at the right time.

I expect responses will trickle in over the coming year. In the meantime, I'll finish up my other playwright-self-betterment project of reading contemporary plays (27 since the fall, a few more to go, added to the previous year's 39) and start research for my next script, Faustian T-shirt. Gotta get cracking on my standard winter activity of writing, as I make much less headway when there's lots of gardening to be done.


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