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Good morning! So here's what happens when I collaborate with an opera composer. She gave me a melody, and despite having said for years that I couldn't understand how different people could write the melody and lyrics, I actually found it quite easy to do. So here's "War Claimed My Love," composed by Mary Bichner, written by me, sung by Mali Sastri. I'm especially fond of the last line, "That soldier killed my lover, then came home to me."

"War Claimed My Love"

ETA: now with actual useful link!
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I hear from Murray Foster of Moxy Fruvous that he wrote a movie, "The Cocksure Lads," got Kickstarter funding for it last year, and is planning to shoot it next year. It has eight songs written by him and Mike Ford, like "That's Any Good" (you can see Dave playing with them on the clip too).

How the hell did word of this not sweep Olde Guarde Frulandia!?

ETA: Oh, and here's the album of "The Cocksure Lads," which he reports to have "a bunchy of Fruvousy goodness." http://www.maplemusic.com/artists/csl/default.asp
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Okay, big confession. I conflate hip-hop with rap, which I don't like, so even though there's been lots to suggest to me that I actually do like hip-hop, I still don't own any or even have a good sense of what the genre sounds like.

This is your chance to save me from my ignorance. Recommend some to me! Make me a CD! Make me a Pandora station!

Amusingly, what spurred this post was a Bhangra competition last night, which was awesome and which apparently did a lot of Indian-hip-hop blends. So bonus points for recommending, uh, "ethnic" hip-hop, by which I mean, influenced by what is broadly called world music.



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