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I keep mentioning this, online, and people keep not having heard of it IRL, which makes mentioning it online some more seem futile, but it's important to me, so at the risk of being annoyingly repetitious:

THIS SATURDAY, nationwide and beyond, in something like 140 cities & locales, people will be marching and otherwise peacefully demonstrating to demand a transparent, independent, and publicly-accessible investigation into Trump-Russia. Join us, contribute, spread the word, resist!

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I moved my info-starved self onto Twitter and am apparently just as much a Twit as anyone else. My timeline there is awash with news of June 3 "March for Truth" events springing up nationwide, but I haven't seen mention of it here, where I probably still have more of a following.

So in case you missed it: MarchForTruth.info, demanding a special prosecutor/independent investigation of Trump-Russia. Hie thee to a protest - or even shock yourself by telling your conservative mother and having her immediately ask for more info! (*waves*) Currently at 82 locales in 37 states, and still adding events to the map.


Jan. 11th, 2016 08:53 am
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(See what I did there?)
Jan 15 - Feb 20, Lyric Stage Company is presenting Sondheim on Sondheim (which played on Broadway), a showcase of his work interspersed with his commentary.


Tickets are pricey but less so on weekdays. My ideal showing would be Feb 11, but I could likely manage others. Anyone want to go with?
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I've seen Chess three times now, starting at 17 when I didn't get it at all but loved the music, even though it was the watered-down American version. It's been rewritten [again, still] and is playing in Needham next month.

So who's up for a bit of a traipse to see what I hear is a cool new production of a perhaps-even-more-intact-than-the-original-British Chess? The only date I can make work is May 10 at 8:00 (and I'd still need to get childcare - this is not a kid-friendly show). Tix are $22.

Moar infoz: http://needhamtheatre.org/showinfo.html
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Just found out that Legally Blonde the musical is playing in Winchester next month, at a price range I like and one which I would be willing to pay for Sylvana to accompany me. (It's one of her top three obsessions, musical-wise.) Anyone want to join us? I'm most inclined to treat us to a performance on Mother's Day.
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A family slogs across post-apocalyptic America. Most of them die. And, perhaps the worst indignity of all, they are characters in a musical, and so they have to warble about the whole damn thing.

It's Fire and Ice, the epic tragedy that I've been crafting for the past two years. Some cohorts and I will be doing a read/sing-through, open to the public, in the conference room of the main Somerville library.

We will start promptly at 2:00 and likely go til about 5:00, with an intermission between acts. Did I mention there are 19 songs? There are 19 songs. If we're lucky, a majority will be accompanied by piano.

Yes, bring your videocamera. Yes, invite your friends, at least those whose tastes run to countercultural musicals. Yes, volunteer to read a part (in which case, I'll email you the script beforehand) and/or sing (in which case, I'll email you song files and coordinate rehearsing beforehand). But mostly, if you've ever wondered what else the writer of Never After might have to say, just show up, because, YES!, it is finally ready for your delectation.

(But no: don't worry that I will be offended if you don't show up. I get that a musical post-apocalyptic Grapes of Wrath isn't for everyone.)
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I've got one or two extra tickets to Seussical for this Saturday at the North Shore Music Theatre at 11:00. Care to join us?
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ETA: I've changed my mind, decided that there's a lot of theater coming up in the next couple of months, enough such that I don't feel inclined to go to NH for more.

I'm joining [livejournal.com profile] starphire and [livejournal.com profile] minerva42 for An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre - except that we're going to a matinee performance, on 3/18. It's in Portsmouth, NH, about an hour from Somerville.

Join us! Tickets will be acquired soon, so tell me quickly if you want in on the end of the world.
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So what are you doing next April? On Saturday the 14th, at 11 a.m., I'll be attending the single public performance of Seussical at the North Shore Music Theatre. Same amazing theater-in-the-round, but a quarter to a third of the price of the fabulous Legally Blonde seen there this past few weeks. This is one of a handful of musicals that Sylvana has cottoned to thus far, so I'm looking forward to sharing it with her at least as much as I did The Secret Garden.

Let me know how many tickets to pick up for your kids and you. The best seats in the house are absolute steal at $14 plus fees. It's a longish drive up, and getting out of the parking lot is all but a military maneuver, but it'll be worth it.
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So, Legally Blonde the movie was, y'know, cute. Legally Blonde the musical, though, is inspired, at times verging on genius.

And it's playing at The North Shore Music Theatre (in Beverly), 11/1 to 11/13, every evening but Mondays. It is, unlike most of what I rave about, a fairly big, expensive show, with tickets ranging from $40 to $55.

Who's with me? I'll buy tickets upfront, if we can agree on a date. Weekend evenings are more expensive (and full of parties anyway), so I'd prefer to do a weekend matinee or T/W/Th evening.


May. 31st, 2011 03:10 pm
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So, you know how we had that ridiculously early, warm spring last year? And how we had this chilly, raw, gray "spring" this year?

Last year, first backyard peas picked on 5/28.
This year, first backyard peas picked on 5/31.

Last year, however, I was not handing out bags of salad greens in mid-April, nor bags of lettuces and Asian greens in late May. All hail the cold frame and the polyculture! (Which might suggest something different to many of you than the massively-productive gardening idea from within permaculture.)

In other news, Sleeping Beauty Wakes was just as awesome as it needed to be, to merit trekking down to NJ for it. I laughed and cried and goggled at their set & videography. For those of you still following along at home, it's very different from the demo recording that Groovelily made. Almost half of the original songs were gone or folded into other songs, which rather changed the story arc. As an appreciator of musicals and storytelling, I could understand the reasoning beyond their choices, but I still missed the songs. As a writer of musicals, I found the process fascinating. And as a big ole fangirl, I left a copy of Never After with the cast and crew and hope some of them enjoy it in return.


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