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Hey, remember before the heat wave...I mean, "spring"...when it was really chilly? Me neither. But I have proof that it exists, in that I was doing about the only thing I could then: create characters and drag them through funny hell.

The end product is Venn Diagram, a six-character version of the idea that I tried last year with Twelve Nights: longtime monogamously-coupled friends suddenly fall in love with each other and messily figure out the new polyamorous terrain. It's kind of like I was taking a photo at too great a distance, and now I've focused in on the details in one section. I've had beta readers whom I trust telling me it's good (and much easier to follow than before). Now I'd like more opinions, before I spend my summer querying theaters about this & Pyglation and Gamalea.

I'm thinking I'd like to do a read-through sooner rather than later of this. I'll need three male-presenting and three female-presenting people (plus one for reading stage directions). Would you be up for reading or attending in a few weeks? Would you like to have a PDF script to read?
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Got a massive lack of response to sending out the musicals last year, which is not terribly surprising. Didn't expect to hear back from any more theaters at this point. But then got a personal response back from the New Georges, saying Fire and Ice was inventive & smart but not a match for them.
Responded to say, "well, but as a theatrical institution you stress that you're looking to develop relationships with female playwrights rather than individual plays, and my new work Pyglation and Gamalea is better suited to you, may I send it to you and if so, PDF or hard copy?"
They responded immediately with, "Hard copy, please!" So, my first professional request for P&G, before I even started sleuthing out where to send it. Go me!
(In other news, I'm whistling along on my current piece, Venn Diagram, which is an interesting balancing act alongside lots of springtime gardening and starting a course of strength training, while, y'know, living my generally-busy life. Whee!)


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