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I want to hold a performance of Fire and Ice on the first weekend of February. I'm hoping for a bigger audience than will fit comfortably into someone's living room, so I'd like to reserve the conference room at the Somerville public library, but it's only open until 5:00 on weekends. I expect the performance will take 2 1/2 hours, plus we should plan for an intermission and a little wriggle room at the end, so I'm thinking 2-5:00.

What works best for you (sorry, can't do a poll)?
a) Saturday, February 2, 2-5:00
b) Sunday, February 3, 2-5:00
c) use a different venue that will allow for a later afternoon/early evening performance
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Hey, do you ever get so mad you could just pound concrete? Yeah? Great, then come pound some concrete for my birthday, April Fool's Day. No, really. I'm serious. (Can't you tell?)

Frequently Anticipated Questions:

What!? Yep. I'll be 39. Come swing a sledgehammer to celebrate. Oh, all right, the birthday is just a convenient excuse, come swing a sledgehammer because it's fun! In that Tom-Sawyer-whitewashes-a-fence kind of way.

When? Well, I'll be 39 at about 5 a.m. that day, but you needn't show up then. In fact, don't. No sledgehammers at 5 a.m. Between 1:00 and 7:00 pm, though, you'll be welcome.

Where? Oh, how about Moosecasa backyard, where (as always) there are projects that it would be awesome to have done. :P
More in the same vein )

Tl;dr? Come dig in the backyard, or just hang out, 4/1, between 1 and 7:00, with whatever combination of tools, kids, rubble, and food you can muster up.


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