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As occasionally happens through the years, I’ve been hearing some confusion from people about whether I am accepting new clients. The answer continues to be that yes, I welcome you and your friends/colleagues/family to my massage practice and appreciate the referrals. I’ve been working professionally for over 21 years, blending techniques of Swedish, Thai, myofascial, lymphatic, and trigger-point work as needed. I’m available weekdays and -evenings and have very reasonable rates.
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[personal profile] mangosteen and I pondered the origin of the wasps-becoming-figs phenomenon and decided it needed an origin story, a la Greek myth. We crafted one, and I fleshed it out. For extra challenge, I wrote it in segments of <140 characters so I could put it on Twitter. Here it is.

The lesson is probably, don’t neg a goddess. Or maybe, know your origin stories.
Either way, he’s in for it from the moment he opens his fool mouth to say, “I could do better.”
Now, Athena has some serious resting bitchface - but still, it shows when you’ve displeased She who knit-bombed Arachne into a spider.
Possibly because she’s been hearing this stuff for millennia and most of us are sick to death of it after about five minutes.
And yet, she gives him the same calm, unearned grace she bestows so freely. “You could create a better olive tree, do you mean?”
“No, olives have been done to death. I’d want to go in a fresh new direction, cleanse the palate with something fruity…”
The next thing you know, he goes and creates this flowering tree. Nice enough in its way, but then he keeps fussing with it. Like they do.
He prods the bloom until he is hopelessly entangled with it, inverts it around his finger.
And then he’s caught up in an impossible intimacy, caressing and penetrating its newfound interior.
He shudders with love and it near lifts him from the ground. He buzzes with agitation to be one with his creation.
Athena takes his measure with her cool gaze. “And what would a virgin like you know of it?” he says waspishly.
But it does not sting her. “So what must happen to consummate your union?” she queries. “I don’t give a fig!” he flies back.
Ah, but she does: it is her specialty to unravel the tangled desires of the human will, to find the thread.
And so she weaves his DNA afresh to be himself most fully.
He is a wasp, and he thrusts himself with desperate ardor into his flower, merging to become one succulent flesh.
Athena plucks a fig and nibbles it appreciatively. “I’m glad you decided to do better,” she tells it.
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My reaction to the election and news since has been to be as politically involved as I can afford to be, including attending four rallies/marches: feet on the street is the best antidote for my feelings of helplessness.

In case you feel the same, and also think of Mueller's investigation as the very last line of defense, you might want to do as I just did: sign up to be part of a "rapid-response" action in the event of his being fired.



Jul. 22nd, 2017 05:35 pm
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So you know that drought we haven't had this past spring? You know how rain makes things grow? You know how I have a wild obsessive-compulsive love for berry picking? (You do now!)

This is by way of saying that I'm going berrying again tomorrow morning, having verified today that the Fells are resplendent with berries. Mostly tiny wild blueberries now, with a few black raspberries, and huckleberries soon to ripen.

Yes, you may come with me. Yes, you may ask me where I go, but understand that I suck at directions and maps, I really only know landmarks, so I'm vastly better at taking people than sending people. (If you come with me, though, understand that I wasn't kidding about that obsessive-compulsive thing: I can happily pick for hours.)
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I keep mentioning this, online, and people keep not having heard of it IRL, which makes mentioning it online some more seem futile, but it's important to me, so at the risk of being annoyingly repetitious:

THIS SATURDAY, nationwide and beyond, in something like 140 cities & locales, people will be marching and otherwise peacefully demonstrating to demand a transparent, independent, and publicly-accessible investigation into Trump-Russia. Join us, contribute, spread the word, resist!

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I moved my info-starved self onto Twitter and am apparently just as much a Twit as anyone else. My timeline there is awash with news of June 3 "March for Truth" events springing up nationwide, but I haven't seen mention of it here, where I probably still have more of a following.

So in case you missed it: MarchForTruth.info, demanding a special prosecutor/independent investigation of Trump-Russia. Hie thee to a protest - or even shock yourself by telling your conservative mother and having her immediately ask for more info! (*waves*) Currently at 82 locales in 37 states, and still adding events to the map.
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"Tomato." (You know, as a quote from _The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes_...?)

I have 10 pots of seedlings up for grabs: Celebrity, Sungold, Early Girl, Sunray, SuperSweet, Yellow Pear, Momotaro, Marglobe, Manalucie, and Buffalo Steak. Leggy and longing to be planted.

ETA: Taken already!
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Catherine the Great, Robert Johnson, Joan of Arc, Niccolo Paganini, and the Devil argue over how to escape from their confines in Hell. It's I Made A Faustian Deal with the Devil and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt, my latest and strangest comedy yet.

Care to read? Yay! I have a PDF with your name on it.

Care to listen at a reading? Yay! Fill out the Doodle poll with dates you're available in the next three weeks, and I'll see if there's interest in one or two read-throughs.

Care to read aloud at a reading? YAY!! Let me know and I'll prioritize your dates for a read-through.

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I flew yesterday to get to the DC march, but couldn't get a direct flight from Boston, so connected in Rochester, with a long layover. I was waiting at the gate as people trickled in, and I gradually became aware that I was being surrounded by women. And while most were not wearing pussyhats, there was this...energy. At the Rochester airport, the day before the march. As we boarded, I counted 5 men and 40 women on our flight. When we deplaned, we were greeted by a contingent of pussyhatters cheering and welcoming us to the women's march. On the day of the inauguration, remember. When I trained down to my host's house in Springfield, VA, I encountered a lot more reminders of the inauguration, mostly in the form of Trump hats. And yet, none of the Trump people looked happy. Disgruntled, actually. Maybe because it rained on the inauguration, but maybe also because we rained on their parade.

There was no such rain on our parade. We left the house at 8:30 in Springfield and were in line before 9 at the train station to get to DC. We gave up and Ubered at about 10, having then possibly advanced halfway. And yet, even the line felt like a party. Women - and yes, a nice number of men - were hugging, cheering, chanting, adoring each others' signage, and basically thrilled to be there. The party was hugely amplified in DC itself, where it was clear from everything from the overflowing Portajohns to the complete inability of the march to confine itself to the march route that the numbers anticipated by the organizers were...just a hair off. Like, a few hundred thousand shy.

And that was pretty much all that was shy about the event. It was a screamfest and a joyfest, brilliant, hilarious, exhausting and overwhelming. Whether or not it actually breaks records for turnout size, I think it will be known as historic.


Jan. 10th, 2017 08:40 am
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I've got the ceelove account at Dreamwidth, in case you're, like, scarpering because Putin. (Though I'm quite lazy enough to hope not to need it.)
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I am so sorry. For almost 20 years, I called you "boring." I was so wrong. You are a tireless and unsung workhorse of the body. The tide that washes us of detritus. The silent mystery underpinning the functionality of all those big obvious clodhopper systems like (bah) muscles and skin.

It is so very hard to know you. You can be detected mostly through your lack of absence: when we are made turgid by too much of you pooling within. Subtly, quiescently, patiently clogging up the gaps we didn't even know we had (let alone needed) until they are gone and something is just, indescribably, not right.

For twenty years, I've practiced massage with little more than an occasional roll of the eyes in your direction. Worse, even, I lauded love and attention on your sister system, the network of fascia that undergirds our every cell and organ. I even ignored the evidence of your importance in the times when myofascial work falls short. Voiceless, you proclaimed all along that when lymph ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

So I will endeavor to make you happy henceforth. Along with myofascial work and Thai massage, you will guide me in correcting dysfunction in the body. I will learn deeper listening than I knew possible, and be the lymph whisperer in return, holding conversations with you like atomic sighs. And sometimes, it seems, those will reverberate within you and come back to me like fireworks and voices of thunder shaking the body awake. I have seen; I know.

Oh, lymph, how glorious you are, how deserving of my fascination and amazement. Nevermore shall I neglect the wonder that is you.

Love, Me
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I finished two plays last year, and in August I started the process of querying theatres/submitting to contests. It was discouraging until I ran across a (members-only) website clearinghouse of opportunities for aspiring playwrights. Most of half a year later, I'm finally finished the extremely unsexy work of trying to make things happen with my writing.

Final tally: 25 theatres queried and 9 contests entered. (For the two previous scripts I wrote, which were musicals, I found only 12 theatres I could query - of which only 5 even responded - and 5 contests to enter.) I feel like I've got much better chances this time (especially given that two of the first three responses have been positive), that I indeed have a hope in hell of getting my work on the right desk at the right time.

I expect responses will trickle in over the coming year. In the meantime, I'll finish up my other playwright-self-betterment project of reading contemporary plays (27 since the fall, a few more to go, added to the previous year's 39) and start research for my next script, Faustian T-shirt. Gotta get cracking on my standard winter activity of writing, as I make much less headway when there's lots of gardening to be done.


Jan. 11th, 2016 08:53 am
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(See what I did there?)
Jan 15 - Feb 20, Lyric Stage Company is presenting Sondheim on Sondheim (which played on Broadway), a showcase of his work interspersed with his commentary.


Tickets are pricey but less so on weekdays. My ideal showing would be Feb 11, but I could likely manage others. Anyone want to go with?


Nov. 12th, 2015 08:50 am
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With monies now resolved between us and Carl holding up his end of our divorce agreement, I fulfill my own responsibilities with this:

I offer an apology to Carl for my outbursts in public forums. I am sorry for the loss of face that my venting of frustration has caused him. I regret and apologize for any difficulties in business dealings that my behavior has brought about for him. I will never again speak of him unfavorably on any internet forum or network.


Oct. 20th, 2015 11:33 am
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And in a completely other vein, let me direct your attention to Cowspiracy, a film streaming on Netflix. As a sometimes-frothing-at-the-mouth environmentalist, I started exploring vegetarianism at 16 due to the much lower footprint of a plants-centric diet. But I didn't realize, until seeing this film, that's it's actually something like the much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much lower footprint.

Rarely do I overcome the discomfort enough to get my preach on, but I'm saying it now: back away from that burger. Watch this movie. Tell your friends. If you want to stop the destruction of the aquifers and the rainforests and the I-can't-even-start-to-list-it-all, not eating one serving of meat will make more of a difference than weeks of water conservation around the home, driving an electric car, going solar - everything.

(And if you're all distraught, come visit me, I don't get to share my vegetarian cooking with enough people. Also I serve venison, because deer overpopulation. But wow do I have mad respect for vegans these days.)


Oct. 20th, 2015 11:31 am
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A few weeks ago, I encountered Lin-Manuel Miranda's new revolutionary hip-hop musical, Hamilton, and I haven't stopped listening since. Two and a half hours of early American history, the seemingly-stodgy Founding Fathers portrayed by insouciant people of color. I pity any musical going up against its brilliance for the Tony next year.

NPR streamed the whole thing, but now has Spotify links & such
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Hey, remember before the heat wave...I mean, "spring"...when it was really chilly? Me neither. But I have proof that it exists, in that I was doing about the only thing I could then: create characters and drag them through funny hell.

The end product is Venn Diagram, a six-character version of the idea that I tried last year with Twelve Nights: longtime monogamously-coupled friends suddenly fall in love with each other and messily figure out the new polyamorous terrain. It's kind of like I was taking a photo at too great a distance, and now I've focused in on the details in one section. I've had beta readers whom I trust telling me it's good (and much easier to follow than before). Now I'd like more opinions, before I spend my summer querying theaters about this & Pyglation and Gamalea.

I'm thinking I'd like to do a read-through sooner rather than later of this. I'll need three male-presenting and three female-presenting people (plus one for reading stage directions). Would you be up for reading or attending in a few weeks? Would you like to have a PDF script to read?


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